Monday, 27 November 2017

How to Use Jio Vouchers

Jio is the only provider which provides VoLTE operator in india, They offers only 4G , they dont have 2G or 3G coverage supported. Jio only offers 4G enabled smartphones supports Jio network. from last year many of us switched to jio because of their best and transperent 4G offers. In this blog post we are writing about How to Use Jio Vouchers.
How to Use Jio Vouchers

Most of us has allready have few jio vouchers in My jio app as a part of Jio Diwali Cash back Offer. Many of them dont know how to use it. But its pretty simple. Few months back we can redem these vouchers via Jio Money. at that time we can use these coupon for any jio numbers. But Now, Jio made few changes to these.

Steps to Use Jio Vouchers

use jio voucher plan

We can use the vouchers from My Jio App itself, Choose a recharge of 309 or above the Rs: 50 coupon automatically applied. For example if you are doing recharge of 399 you need to pay only Rs: 349. You can also apply vouchers for addon data plans above Rs 91.

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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Jio Increase 4G data charges :Report

According to news sources the one of the leading 4G operator in India Jio to increase data plans by 15%. Jio plan to reduce the validity of exsisting 399 to 70 Days and new plan of 459 will get 84 days validity.  As per the News from trusted sources the new plans will availbale from thursday.

Jio Increase 4G data charges :Report

Jio Increase 4G data charges

Actually this is not a big price hike, because these are special plans with 84 days validity which falls under Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan. if its normal rate 399 plan has only 30Days validity. Any way still we can do 399 plan and activate it later when our current plan expires. So do recharges today itself and get jio diwali cashback offer too.

JIO which is owned by Mukesh Ambani under Reliance Industries as a telephone service provider and delivered us free 4G across INDIA. Jio gained millions of users with in few months and made big internet revolution in India.

Update 2 : Just after diwali jio increased the price of few 4G plans. At the time jio added news plan of 491 which has validity of 91 days with 1GB per day. With in few days jio hike this plan price to 499. The New plan rate is 499.

Jio New 4G plans

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Jio Diwali Surprice Offer 400 Rs Cash Back

Jio surprise again with 100 percent cashback. Reliance Jio has earned millions of subscribers with the economic data packs they have launched. Now they have surprised us again with their new offer. The latest offer from jio provides 100% cashback. This is a special Diwali Offer available for all Jio customers. 

Jio Diwali Surprice Offer

Jio Diwali Surprice Offer

The offer is called the Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan Diwali offer and it gives 100 percent cashback. On recharge of Rs 399 you get 8 vouchers of Rs 50 which you can use for later recharges. You need to remember that you cannot use all 8 vouchers at the same time, instead you can use 50 Rs voucher for next 8 recharges you do. 

How to Use These Cashback Coupons?

We can use these coupon codes only after november 15. In order to use these coupon actually we need to do 8 recharges. We can apply one coupon at a time. Normally jio cashback coupon codes only work with jio recharges. This is a good marketing trick by jio, anyway this is a good offer. We can use these coupon on other peoples jio connections too.  If you have any queries or doubt Please contact Jio Customer care.

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The Diwali Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan offer gives you 84 GB of 4G data for a period of 84 days which means you get 1 GB of data per day. Apart from data all voice calls and SMS are also free. The free recharge vouchers which you avail on doing the Diwali Dhan Dhana Dhan offer can only be used after the 15th of November.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

How to Contact Jio - JioFi Customer Care

Reliance jio now one of the major 4G LTE internet service provider in india. After Reliance Jio's  launch the data use of the smartphone phone users in india has been grown from 20 Cr GB to 150 CR GB per month.

All service providers in india has been forced to reduce their data plans in order to compete with Jio. This post is about How to Contact Jio - JioFi Customer Care easily. Jio 4G offers diffrent ways to contact Jio Customer care. First option is to call directly from your jio sim. you can call jio customer care by dialing 198. If you can't call from your jio connection. You can call Jio Care by dialing 1800-889-9999. This is Jio Toll free number to talk with customer care, you can call from any sim or land line its free.

If you want to know more details about Jio Phone Bookings, Jio phone deatils you can contact via this number 1800-890-8900 this is a helpline number JioPhone Pre-booking status.

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Second Option is Use Social media to Ask your doubts regarding your Jio Connection. You can send messages to Jio Facebook Page. I my experince it is less responsive. or Jio can connect with Jio Care in Twitter. This one seems more active they are replying to tweets daily.

Third Option is Use MyJio App. Jio app sypports live chat for jio users we can ask queries, or use it for send our compliants to jio. In my experince it seems very usefull and this live chat is more responsive too. I have added Screen shot image below.

Contact Jio - JioFi Customer Care

Contact Jio - JioFi Customer Care

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Steps to Book Jio 4G Mobile Phone

The advent of Jio 4G Mobile Phone after the introduction of the jio sim cards took the attention of a majority of the people living in India. It is a phone featured with 4G VoLTE capabilities and its released for ‘an effective price of Rs 0’. It is available to the people in such a way that all who wants to get the phone have to pay a security deposit of Rs 1500 which will again be refundable after three years.

The master brain behind the Jio, Mukesh Ambani had seen the 50 crore phone users who don’t have the access to 4G VoLTE technology as the main agenda behind the release of this phone.

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Book Jio 4G Mobile Phone Online

Book Jio 4G Mobile Phone

Studies shows that though our nation is called to be in the process of a developing nation, the users of internet is just 10% out of the 90% users of mobile phone. The era of smartphone penetration is still lower in India when compared to the other developing countries like China, Brazil and all.

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How Jio Changed Digital Life of an  India

According to Ambani, Data is the new oil and for attaining his aim, Jio phones are a major breakthrough and he himself calls it as a major step towards the digital freedom for all Indians. He addressed a crowd at AGM by saying that he believes every youth in India should have the access to information at his/her fingertips and that is what the Jio phone enables. He says, enabling a digital life can only be made through having an access to data at affordable rates.

India is still in the developing stage and even 2/3rd of its population are still in the unconnected stage. Ambani had seen the feature of making a vast profit from this and that is the reason he had made it to be his aim to capture the India’s unconnected mobile network.

The large potential of many Indians connecting to Reliance Jio internet will not be just the telecom people, they will also take charge of various fields like entertainment, news and many other similar fields. He sees the future oil as data as he captures the market with a free phone, and thereby capturing a lot of fields just like the oil fields he used to capture before. The major advantages that were given to the Jio users are they don’t have any black out days, roaming free, cheap Internet data and high quality voice calls. 

In the past one year, it has brought a revolutionary change which completely shook the telecom sector and they have also broken a lot of records both in India and globally and according to Ambani what makes him happy is the factor that he was able to break the myth that India is not ready to adopt the advanced technology. Reliance Jio has become the widest LTE coverage in India when compared to all the other telecom companies and it is the only 4G all IIP network in the world. The video streaming using Jio is also in excess of 165 hours per month. When compared to the voice traffic made by other companies and Jio, its around 250 crore minute per day.  The sudden revolution by Jio has brought down the democratization in India as tarrifs have become much more affordable than before. The number of customers had crossed more than 130 milllion and that alone can act as a proof of how much Jio  had captured the minds of the people living in India and other parts of the world.

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Even the consumption of mobile data had a drastic shift from 20 crore GB per month to 150 crore GB per month and out of which 125 crore GB are jio users only. Exponential growth of the 4G revolution has increased the use of all the major social networking apps too.

The major issue that has risen behind this was the dominanace of Jio over all other telecom companies. But in a way this has also helped the users of other telecom company users as the release of jio and its offers made other companies also to bring down the prices they used to charge for calls and for data. Almost all the networking companies had made monthly offers which gives unlimited data and unlimited calls in reasonable rates fearing that they must not lose their valuable customers in future. That was a major advantage for all the users of various other companies when compared to the time before the release of Jio. 

Altogether, Jio was able to change the scenario of Indian telecom network. Though Jio came with a lot of advantages and brought a lot of offers with  reasonable cost to the common people of India, it also has it disdvantages along with all the other advantages.

The major drawbacks of all this is it had a large impact on the face to face relationships people had before the release of jio network. People are more prone to spend their time either using the data or talking to a person somewhere far, while totally ignoring a person who is sitting very close to him/her. The time spent by an average Indian on phone has also increased 7 times spent on TV when we consider in the weekly basis. It has also increased a rivalary competition between the other networking companies. Another major disadvantage is that users with 4G-LTE enabled phones can able to use the jio sim card but they wont be able to make any voice calls as they had strictly made it to download their app for non-interrupted voice calls.

Jio 4g Phone Booking has been paused right now, and it will be resumed shortly lakhs of people allredy booked Jio 4g feature phone. We will update more details about Jio Phone Booking Here

Monday, 24 July 2017

Jio Phone Pre Booking Details

How to prebook Jio Phone online, This post will helps you to learn more about Jio 4G Phone. The Jio Phone will be available from August 15 for selected peoples as a test service. And and it will be up for pre-booking from August 24 onwards. You can do pre booking via My Jio app and Jio Outlets etc.

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Jio Phone Pre Booking Details

Jio Phone Pre Booking Details

Recently Jio made changes on their official website .There was an new option to show our interest to Latest Jio Phone. Jio Named the optin form called "Keep Me Posted". Using this Form interested people can show your interest towards Jio Phone by submitting. Your contact details like Name , email phone number and locality. We have added the kunk Below. 

Keep Me Posted Link:

As i posted above Jio Phone Pre booking starts only from August 15. And Jio Phone available only by middle of September. Availability will be depends on Number of bookings. Any way we also waiting for Jio Phone.

How to Buy Jio Phone 4G Online

Are You Looking to Buy Jio Phone?, In this Post we describe How to Buy jio phone OnlineReliance Jio recently announced their 4G enabled Jio Phone at the annual Reliance Industries AGM on 24 Friday July 2017 . The actual prce of this phone is zero - but we need to pay a Rs. 1,500 as a security deposit, This amount will be refundble after 3 years. Company says its to prevent the missuse of this device.

How to Buy Jio Phone 4G Online

Buy Jio Phone 4G Online

Jio Phone users can enjoy Jio 4G services like free voice calling, SMS, Unlimited data, Jio apps at Rs. 153 per month. If you are not interested in 153 Monthly plan Small plans also available to users.

As per the information we got Jio Phone offers unlimmited data with Speed cap after 500MB daiily limit, Which means users can enjoy 500MB high speed 4G data after that speed will be limited.

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Jio Phone Features Price And Details

After gifting India with free 4G services, Mukesh Ambani is all set to deliver the all new JIO 4G phone to Indians. JIO started in 2007 by Mukesh Ambani under Reliance Industries as a telephone service provider and delivered us free 4G across INDIA and now going to give us free 4G phone too.
Jio Phone Features Price And Details

JIO Phone 4G Deatils

• JIO announced it feature 4G phone on Friday at AGM.
• Plans to start at ₹153 with unlimited 4G data, voice and sms.
• ₹1500 is charged for the phone, which is fully refundable after 3 years.

The rumour has long been running about the JIO 4G phones, On Friday 21 July Mukesh Ambani announced the release of JIOphone, which the company introduced as “India ka smartphone”. Which is launched at an “effective price” of ₹0. JIO phone comes with all JIO apps like my jio, jio cinema, jioTV, jio music etc.

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Although JIO launched its 4G services in September, not everybody has been able to join the JIO brand wagon due to high costs associated with 4G phones that supports VoLTE technology. JIO 4G services has been restricted to users with 4G phones only. The company aims at changing that with their new JIOphone.

When Jio Phone Release Date?

Availability details
The phone is not as of now. The phone will be available for pre booking from 24 august 2017 from the my JIO app and other JIO stores near you. The pre booked phones will be available by September. The phones will be delivered on a first come first serve basis. The phone comes with a couple of different data packs.

Features of Jio 4G Phone
The phone revealed by Isha Ambani has revealed the phones voice recognising capability along with standard feature phone functions. The phone looks familiar in design due to its pre smartphone looks, which is very intuitive and easy to use. The phone comes pre-installed with a variety of apps aside from all jio apps and PM Modi’s mann ki baat broadcast, facebook and browser.

Phones standard features include:
 Alpha numeric keypad
 Microphone and speaker
 4 way navigation button
 2.4” QVGA display
 Battery and charger
 SD card slot
 Headphone jack
 Call history
 Phone contact
 Ring tones
 Torch lights
 FM radio
Key specs: Display 2.40 inch, Front camera: No, Resolution :240x320 pixels.

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Jio 4G Phone Offers Details

Jio is an 4G LTE mobile network operator in india. Jio is a subsidairy of reliance industriess which is owned by Mukesh Ambani. Jio is the only provider which provides VoLTE operator in india, They offers only 4G , they dont have 2G or 3G coverage supported. And ONly 4G enabled smartphones supports Jio network.

Another major drawback is that it provides only 4G network and this becomes a major trouble to people who are not even affordable to buy jio phones. There has been a lot of issues raised regarding the network and also the call failures because of high network congestion.

Since jio was brought to Indians all of a sudden, there can be many more future updates and hopefully it might help a lot of Indians as it helps presently.

Jio 4G Phone Offers Details

Jio 4G Phone Offers Details

Jio makes history in 6 months jio crossed 100 Million users. Initially Jio offers free 4G services all over india by offering free 4G services jio gaied too many users in India, who allready fedup with heavy internet charges.

Mainy Users are attracted to Jio'S 4G services. After March 31 2017 . Jio Stoped their free services. And started offering Cheap 4G plans in India. Again pricing competetion started in india. Other Internet providers also Introduced cheap 4g Plans. We will Update more about Jio Phone.