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Jio 4G Phone Offers Details

Jio is an 4G LTE mobile network operator in india. Jio is a subsidairy of reliance industriess which is owned by Mukesh Ambani. Jio is the only provider which provides VoLTE operator in india, They offers only 4G , they dont have 2G or 3G coverage supported. And ONly 4G enabled smartphones supports Jio network.

Another major drawback is that it provides only 4G network and this becomes a major trouble to people who are not even affordable to buy jio phones. There has been a lot of issues raised regarding the network and also the call failures because of high network congestion.

Since jio was brought to Indians all of a sudden, there can be many more future updates and hopefully it might help a lot of Indians as it helps presently.

Jio 4G Phone Offers Details

Jio 4G Phone Offers Details

Jio makes history in 6 months jio crossed 100 Million users. Initially Jio offers free 4G services all over india by offering free 4G services jio gaied too many users in India, who allready fedup with heavy internet charges.

Mainy Users are attracted to Jio'S 4G services. After March 31 2017 . Jio Stoped their free services. And started offering Cheap 4G plans in India. Again pricing competetion started in india. Other Internet providers also Introduced cheap 4g Plans. We will Update more about Jio Phone.

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