Wednesday, 20 September 2017

How to Contact Jio - JioFi Customer Care

Reliance jio now one of the major 4G LTE internet service provider in india. After Reliance Jio's  launch the data use of the smartphone phone users in india has been grown from 20 Cr GB to 150 CR GB per month.

All service providers in india has been forced to reduce their data plans in order to compete with Jio. This post is about How to Contact Jio - JioFi Customer Care easily. Jio 4G offers diffrent ways to contact Jio Customer care. First option is to call directly from your jio sim. you can call jio customer care by dialing 198. If you can't call from your jio connection. You can call Jio Care by dialing 1800-889-9999. This is Jio Toll free number to talk with customer care, you can call from any sim or land line its free.

If you want to know more details about Jio Phone Bookings, Jio phone deatils you can contact via this number 1800-890-8900 this is a helpline number JioPhone Pre-booking status.

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Second Option is Use Social media to Ask your doubts regarding your Jio Connection. You can send messages to Jio Facebook Page. I my experince it is less responsive. or Jio can connect with Jio Care in Twitter. This one seems more active they are replying to tweets daily.

Third Option is Use MyJio App. Jio app sypports live chat for jio users we can ask queries, or use it for send our compliants to jio. In my experince it seems very usefull and this live chat is more responsive too. I have added Screen shot image below.

Contact Jio - JioFi Customer Care

Contact Jio - JioFi Customer Care

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